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This week we are continuing to look at the psychology of leadership. 

“The emotions, traits, and behaviors we reject in our parents will likely live on in us. It’s our unconscious way of loving them, a way to bring them back into our lives.” Mark Wolynn


Mark Wolynn in his book "It Didn't Start With You" focusses on the trauma and unresolved issues that we inherent from our parents. It isn't on the face of it, a particularly positive outlook on psychological development! But the message that we as adults live with the consequence of 'inherent traits', is undeniably true, for many of us these traits, even the so called negative ones, can be our greatest strengths and assets. 

In my previous food for thought  we began to consider what "drives" us. In summary, the Drivers are the unconscious and inherent traits that we develop in order to satisfy the demands and beliefs of our parents. Our underlying Drivers impact our behaviour patterns and we often see these reveal themselves in our attitudes towards work. Psychologist Taibi Kahlerin in 1975 identified five common drivers that motivate us, these drivers are detailed in the table below.

It is important to note that each Driver type has its strengths and vulnerabilities. Recognising the destructive behaviours that can emerge when an individual is under pressure or stressed, helps us to develop constructive counter measures and responses to avoid amplifying their affects. Getting this right can even restore confidence and alleviate the stressors so that the positive attributes can once again shine through. 

The below table details the different facets of the 5 key Drivers.



Understanding different working styles and how individuals may complement or indeed clash when working together, can increase productivity considerably. This understanding can also aid leaders in identifying the right leadership "clubs" and even adopt the attributes of a corresponding and complementary Driver, to enhance and support the performance of team members. 

Next week we will begin to look at how we identify the Drivers and develop their potential.  


Scotch Broth with winter root veg

By Jamie Oliver

Tried and tested and extremely good. This is a great way to use up that left over leg of lamb. It really is very good with that warming shot of Whiskey!