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Yoga teaches accessible and scientifically proven techniques that can significantly reduce stress.


While yoga often means leggings and mats, there are useful techniques that can be learned in a work environment covering:

  • Gaining clarity and maintaining focus

  • Using your body to change the stress response

  • Reaping the benefits of breathing (the right way)

  • Harnessing the power of community

At FosterYoga we help businesses turn wellbeing from an objective into a tool for success.


As a part of strategic away days, executive retreats, conferences and in-house workshops, Jo Foster will teach practical techniques to help you transform stress into courage and opportunity.


She will equip you to make small changes that deliver big rewards.

Jo is a fully qualified and experienced yoga instructor who began teaching full time back in 2014. Before that, Jo had over a decade of experience working in banking & finance, and so truly understands the strains of daily life in the corporate world.


She combines her personal experience, love of yoga and the science behind it, to teach her clients techniques that not only help manage these pressures, but turn stress into something positive, both for the individual, and for the businesses they work for.