Yoga at an unhurried pace, excellent for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. It allows you to really explore your capabilities at your own pace. Great for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

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A powerful yet deeply restful form of yoga. Postures are largely seated or reclined and held for sustained periods of time, up to 5 minutes. This allows stretches to take hold in the deeper muscle fibres and fascia. Yin will be highly affective at improving flexibility, harnessing the mental power and mastering the yogic breath. Yin is a great yoga to begin with and really is for everyone.

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Take time in this incredible time in your life to nurture your body and prepare for birth and motherhood. Pregnancy yoga is amazing at managing the aches and pains that can accompany pregnancy, but far more importantly (in my mind anyway!) is the breathing and mindfulness techniques that it teaches you. This can equip you with strength, calm and control when you need it most.


Available for private 1-2-1 or group bookings. Contact Jo to arrange

There is nothing more exciting and bewildering than the early days of welcoming a new baby in to your life! This class  facilitates the ability to share this time with others in the same place in life and also gives you a beautiful opportunity to connect. Reconnect with your body and begin the restoration process and have fun connecting with your baby at the same time. Both mum and baby benefit! To be clear however, the yoga in this class is focussed on mum's, because a strong, happy, healthy mummy is the best that you can provide to your baby.


Available for private 1-2-1 or group bookings. Contact Jo to arrange

 Mums &  Babies



Take time out to rest and relax through your yoga practice.  This class will release muscular tensions and through a deeply mindful approach the physical and breathing elements of yoga, it will help realise the tensions of the mind. This is perfect if you have an injury that you are nurturing back to health, or if you are looking for a very gentle approach to yoga.

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The ultimate workout.  


This class will improve your fitness, aid weight loss and is all about having fun getting into the rhythm.

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Whether at home or at one of our teaching locations, being just for you or if you want to share the time with a couple of close friends too, these bespoke classes are tailor-made by Jo to ensure you get the very most out of your practice.  

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